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“…when teachers are inspired and supported to develop the classroom teaching and interpersonal skills needed for effective drama, they also transform the quality of life in the school…”
– Rachel Dickinson/Jonothan Neelands


At the heart of all professional development in education is a commitment to improve the quality of learning and teaching in schools. Training that is tailored to the individual needs of the teacher, department or school is far more likely to have sustainable impact than a ‘one size fits all’ approach.


Here are some of the ways in which Peter has supported professional development in schools. To consider what is most appropriate for you, your department or your school, start with the question:


“What do we want drama to do for us?”


Demonstrating Techniques and Strategies

Are there particular drama techniques that you have heard of but are unsure how they work in practice? If so, Peter will lead a practical drama session with a target class to demonstrate these. This provides the opportunity for focused observation and feedback.


Whole School Inset Events

If you are looking for a whole school approach to using drama, then Peter can lead a practical training event to exemplify the impact of drama methodology on learning. By experiencing the learning process, teachers will not only understand the underpinning pedagogy, but will also extend their own teaching repertoire significantly.


Working with Focus Teachers

Focus teachers can be identified to receive more intense and sustained in-school training. This involves collaborative planning, team teaching and reflective evaluation between Peter and the focus teachers. The focus teachers can then share good practice within their school through peer observation and staff meetings.



By building a relationship of trust and confidence, Peter enables teachers to build on their strengths and encourages them to take risks. Through this process, teachers adopt a solutions-focused approach to maximising their potential.


Sustained Support

The most effective professional development is achieved through a sustained relationship between Peter and the teacher/school/department with whom he is working. This can be realised through a series of visits with ‘gap tasks’.


Peter is happy to collaborate with schools in planning bespoke training models that ensure the maximum long-term impact of his expertise.


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